The Nockberge Longtrail or "Innerkrems" is rightly considered to be the toughest race in Austria and unfortunately it is also the last Longtrail in the Alpine Repuplik.


The race takes place in front of the wonderful scenery of the Nockberge mountains in Carinthia and is characterized especially by the incredible view, once the peaks have been worked out. But you have to do something quite well. There are no less than 3 peaks to go, which have to be climbed on the 4 Race-days by a total of 4500 heights of elevation on a total length con about 90km. To master the course with the heavy bivouac material in the sled is a huge challenge for both, dog's and musher. Not to mention the heavy downhill runs, which have made a lot of Mushers sweat. For more than 20 years, humans and animals have been fighting through the Innerkrems and some legends have emerged. We recommend that all participants come with well-trained dogs and take the race according to the motto "just do it". So far, nobody has regretted it.