Event Organization:  Restaurant Raufner 


Adress: Innerkrems 24 / A-9862 Kremsbrücke


Organization: Bernhard Moritz




Participants: International, limited to max. 70 Teams, open for all Breeds and Biker




Trail length: 


·     MD 2x ca. 25 kilometers with 2x 1500 meters of altitude difference


·     LD 3x ca. 25 kilometers with 3x 1500 meters of altitude difference including Bivouac


·     Prologue => short track of 5-6km as night run for all participants




Trail profile: alpine, very challenging 


Registration: via the entry form on the website




Entry fee: Registration fee € 50 by bank transfer in advance otherwise no recording in the entry list




Account: Bernhard Moritz


                 Moritz Bernhard Husky 


                 IBAN: AT43 3946 4000 0031 5457


                 BIC: RZKTAT2K464 




Entry fee: LD 80€ on site MD and Tour 70€ on Site


Late registrations: 140 € 


Closing date: 23rd of February


Musher-Party: One meal for Musher and 1 Doghandler included in the entry fee








Classes:      Ski-jöring


                     LT1 2-4 Dogs


                     LT2 5-6 Dogs


                     LTO 7-8 Dogs


                     Ski-jöring MD


                     MD1 2-4 Dogs


                     MD2 5-6 Dogs


                     MDO 7-8 Dogs








Race rules: FISTC-Race rules for Distance Races




Required equipment: 




Mandatory Equipment for Sleds:


– Booties- 4 pieces per Dog in Team


– Dog food bowl


– 2 Harnesses


– 2 Collars


– Complete spare lines, depending on team size


– first aid Kit


– Cooker with pot (volume about 1 liter per dog in the team)


– Dog coat for all non-nordic Dogs


– Sledbag with space for 1 dog in a team to 6 dogs , space for 2 dogs in a team of 6 dogs


– Stake out


– Food for the musher


– complete change of clothes for the mushers 


– Tent or bivy sack


– Sleeping bag, mattress


– Guidance equipment: map and compass or GPS


– Passport or identity card


– strong headlamp 


– Emergency cord min. 3 meters


– The sled must be equipped with:Claw brake, brake pad one snow hook to 5 dogs ( over 6 dogs 2       snow hooks )




Liability:  Participation at your own risk, each musher is liable for any damage caused by him or his dogs, Dog liability insurance and valid vaccination for each dog is mandatory.  


The instructions of the race director must be followed.




Notices:  decision whether the race takes place on February 20th 2023, Information whether the race will take place may be obtained from family Raufner or at the Homepage of the Race or via Facebook






Tel. 0043 4736/251, email: Info@raufner.at / nockberge-longtrail@gmx.at